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Open Positions for Data Center
Open Positions for Data Center

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in data center operations in Dagupan City, Philippines, look no further! We are in need of *nix system administrators and LAMP interns (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) that are willing to learn and be trained.

We have a great track record of training and developing our team members into extremely proficient data center engineers. Most of our ex staffers are now in teaching professions or in Data centers here and abroad.

Here is your chance to join a great team! Apply now. Email us at team[at]

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Request for Proposals: ISO9000

BNSHosting is looking to be ISO9000 certified organization. We are looking for tenders from interested parties to help us make this possible. Please send your proposal to team[at]

Becoming ISO9000 certified enables us to increase our level of service to our clients and positions us for growth in the datacenter and hosting service industry.

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WEBSITE DESIGN PROJECT: Invitation to apply for eligibility and to BID

Re-design of the Client Website

The main goal of the project is to transform the client’s existing website to a professional, interactive and dynamic website which is rich in content, creates high visual impact, and is user-centric.


  • To establish a visually appealing and easy to navigate website.
  • To serve as an efficient means of disseminating information to the general public.

The  winning  bidder  shall  be  required  to create and present at least three (3) design concepts and at most 6 for the website. Each design concept should   include   an   “Introductory   Page   and   Home   Page”   along   with corresponding “Secondary Page” designs. The Management Team shall decide on and sign-off the winning design.

For more information, you can email team[at]

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Web Developer Jobs: Temp Java Developer

EzyPaysolutions, Singapore is looking for experienced JAVA programmers for a project with a multinational logistics firm. The ideal candidate must have at least 2 years of Java coding experience and must be able to work in a fast paced environment.

Interested parties are asked to contact : tenghan.lim[at]

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Web Developer Jobs: Lead Java Developer

From CommGate: 

We are hiring experienced JAVA, PHP and Linux software programmers, IT systems/network engineers, IT Sales Consultants, and several Administrative staff. We are looking for young, energetic, passionate, driven, fun, happy, creative and customer focus colleagues to work and play with.

 WARNING: Apply at your own risk! We are a “mad company” who solves business and world problems!

If you are keen to solve world problems with technology, develop systems to make organizations more efficient, reduce wastage, save money, save time, make employees less stressful, do more with less, while helping CommGate grow into the leading industry leader in Asia, make it the most fun company to work for, the most popular, respected and talk about company, prepare your CV with the following information:

* latest passport-sized photo

* list all your technical, business and people skills

* list all your past relevant work/business/life experiences

* tell us what are you passionate about

* share your educational level and what drives you in life

* what makes you tick

* and why would you want to join CommGate

* and send the completed CV to


We have the following positions open:

* 4 positions for JAVA programmers (1 senior, 3 junior) refer to attached MS Word document for details.

* 3 positions for PHP/MySQL programmers (1 senior, 2 junior)

* 2 positions for Linux/OSS programmers (1 senior, 1 junior)

* 2 positions for Helpdesk and Systems Engineers (Junior)

* 2 positions for IT Sales Consultants (must have IT and Sales experience)

* 1 position for Sales Manager

* 1 position for office assistant + bookkeeper


Be creative in your CV, demonstrate passion, share your dreams and tell us WHY we should interview and hire you. Take note that only CVs with full and complete data will receive a response.

Yes, we are STRICT with our hiring process and we have a RIGOROUS process for interviewing, selecting and testing all applicants knowledge, experience, skills and we do background and reference checks.

Apply ONLY if you have the DESIRE to EXCEL.

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