BNS Hosting Attend Digital-Filipino E-Commerce Summit

BNS Hosting attend the Digital-Filipino E-Commerce Summit at The Peninsula Manila, corner of Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue, Makati City last February 24, 2012.

The topics that had been tackled are:

One of the attendee’s is owner of the  Mr. RJ David of attend Digital Filipino E-Commerce Summit

Jason Ngo of Phil-Seven, Iceal Penaloza, Wilson Chua BNShosting CEO and Miss. Gillian Muessig, Founding President of SEOMoz at Digital Filipino E-commerce Summit
Johnly Lazaro of BNShosting and RJ David Managing Director of attend Digital Filipino E-Commerce Summit

BNShosting Sponsor on Incoming Rootcon 6 at Cebu

BNShosting take the opportunity to become sponsor on the incoming Rootcon 6 at Cebu.

ROOTCON is an annual hacker conference and Information Security gathering. It aims to share best practices and technologies through talks by qualified speakers and demos of exciting stuff (hacks, tools, tips, etc). Learn about solutions, products, techniques and critical tips to build and enhance your security practices & policies from awesome speakers and action-packed activities.

Network with your peers and meet the presenters who are the industry’s leading experts and top security strategists.

The environment is vendor-neutral and focused on the sharing of practical insights and solutions. If you are concerned about information security and want to know more, this event is not to be missed!!!


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10 Reasons to Attend the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit 2012

We encourage industry peers to sign-up and join the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit this February 24, 2012 at The Peninsula Manila Hotel Makati City. Full info

  • 1. 10  Reasons  to  A,end   February  24,  2012    The  Peninsula  Manila,  Maka=  City     9  am  to  5  pm.
  • 2. #1   from  Search  Engine   Learn   Industry  Authority     Gillian  Muessig
  • 3. Meet  e-­‐commerce  champion   Jack  Madrid  and  new  e-­‐ commerce  industry   associa6on  #2   a  different  take  on  the   Get   State  of  E-­‐Commerce  in  the   Philippines
  • 4. Learn  from  industry  authority   Donald  Lim  #3   Get  an  E-­‐Commerce     Perspec=ve  on  the  State  of     Digital  Marke=ng
  • 5. #4   Learn  about  new  online   Financing  Methods
  • 6. #5   how  to  encourage   Learn   more  Site  Visitors  to  buy.
  • 7. Get  a  perspec6ve  on  Star=ng-­‐ Up  and    Why  it  is  worth  to  be   an  Angel  Investor.  #6   Learn  how  to  build  a     start-­‐up,  collaborate,  and  get   Angel  Investors.
  • 8. Learn  from  their     E-­‐Commerce   experience  talk.  #7   Meet    DigitalFilipino  –  Search   Profile  Index  Web  Awards   Winners
  • 9. #8   Discover  latest  E-­‐Commerce   Solu=ons  from  the  exhibit
  • 10. #9   Catch  up  with  fellow     Members
  • 11. Ask  Ques6ons…   Share  Insights…  #10   Learn  from  each  other.
  • 12. Sign  Up  Today:  h>p://


Sx d principles of social interaction from Adrian Chan 2012 — Document Transcript

Social media are talk technologies. They are the means of production in an age of communication. They aid in the production and exchange of knowledge and information and culture, based on human interests. They are media in which people see themselves represented. Their impact is as much psychological and social as it is technical.

In recent years, social media have come off the page. Social tools have become more talkative, obile, and real-time. They have taken a conversational turn. And as these social tools increasingly facilitate relationships and communication, their role in these deeply personal and social dynamics has become a matter for design. The need for a deeper understanding of the fit between tools and social interactions calls for a new design practice. This is social interaction design.


BNS Hosting Uptime

BNS Hosting Uptime: 99.35% (Excellent)

BNS Hosting Uptime Report: BNS Hosting has an overall uptime of 99.35% for their corporate website.

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At 99.35% overall uptime, BNS Hosting’s uptime is considered excellent.

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