Courtesy visit of BNS to Pryce Gas

BNS attended the Annual Partners Day at University of Pangasinan Phinma (UPang)

BNS participated the SOCA 2017: ” Peaceful & Orderly, Safe & Resilient Smart Dagupan City.”

Certificate of Appreciation from University of Luzon

Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Sir Wilson L. Chua, being one of the resources speaker of 8th ICT CONGRESS at the University of Luzon, Dagupan City.




BNS presents Big Data Analytics @ RootCon 2016

  • speaker: Wilson Chua
  • rootcon2016
  • Wilson Chua with Mars Cacacho and team
  • Wilson Chua with Ryan Terrenal and team
    Wilson Chua with Ryan Terrenal and team
  • Pandora labs
    Pandora labs
  • Speaker: Anton Oropilla
    Speaker: Anton Oropilla
  • Speaker: Lawrence
    Speaker: Lawrence
  • Speaker: Jeff Kitson
    Speaker: Jeff Kitson
  • Speaker: Trendmicro
    Speaker: Trendmicro
  • Speaker: Defcon
    Speaker: Defcon
  • Speaker: Eskie
    Speaker: Eskie
  • Speaker: Trust Wave
    Speaker: Trust Wave
  • Speaker: Christopher Elisan
    Speaker: Christopher Elisan
  • rootcon2016

BNS Shared Mosquito Dunks to Brgy. Boquig Dagupan City

  • mosquito dunks
    mosquito dunks
  • google map for 2 stagnant pool in Boquig
    google map for 2 stagnant pool in Boquig
  • Darwin of BNS with sec. dada
    Darwin of BNS with sec. dada


  • dengue graphs
    dengue graphs

Cert. of Appreciation to BNS from PSCC









Patria Sable Corpuz College of Calao West, Santiago City, College of Engineering present this CERTIFICATE of APPRECIATION to Bitstop Network Services, Inc.

“in grateful recognition for the exceptional support and expertise shared for the completion of the 240 hours training of the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering of Patria Sable Corpus College, Santiago City, Philippines. Nothing can ever adequately show the appreciation of the trainees for the efforts and dedication the company has displayed to support them.”